"As a guy who has made many mistakes, I now dedicate my life to ensuring that others can benefit from them."
Anytime you help someone become a better "them" it always helps you become a better "you", I'm living proof
"Bad decisions are the fertilizer for life.... if applied correctly, you will always grow."

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There is a new voice on the air in Black radio and his name is Rashad Richey.

His show “Real Talk with Rashad Richey” reaches more than three million listeners daily and is based out of Atlanta on WAOK. Rolling Out sat down with Richey to talk about his show, the recent Garner and Brown grand jury decisions and a host of other issues. You are called the realest man in talk radio. Tell our readers how you began your activism.

My activism began on the streets of Atlanta as a gang banger. During that time I learned to be an activist — but for an unworthy cause. After my “God” experience, I made better life decisions and later got involved in politics as a strategist. I saw how true political change could spark genuine progress in our community.

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